Are Martial Arts Dangerous?

Martial arts are quite complex but without a doubt very challenging. However, many ask themselves if martial arts are dangerous, and this is exactly the subject we are going to talk about in this article. Here is some interesting and useful information about this category of sports.


People must know that depending on the form, martial arts involve performing technical moves as well as explosive moves such as throws, kicks, and punches. In some categories are used swords, bow & arrow, and more. Practicing any type of martial arts requires great strength, good reflexes, excellent balance, and flexibility. Furthermore, mental and spiritual components are also essential if you want to become a professional. The main focus should be on improving resilience, mental endurance, and concentration. Also, knowing how to control your negative thinking and emotions will make you become the best in your branch. There is no doubt that martial arts can highly improve your life and change you as a person.


It is very important to know exactly what category suits you best in order to have excellent results. There are several options that include Karate, Jujitsu, Aikido, Judo, Kung fu, Capoeira, Hapkido, Krav mana, Tai chi, and Tae kwon do. Some of these categories are easier than others. Good knowledge about each of them will help you make the right decision. There are many advantages but disadvantages as well. We will discuss below about how can your health be affected if not respecting the rules of the game or if practising the sports for a very long period of time.


Even though many think that martial arts practice is as safe as any other contact sports, this is not the real truth. There are some risks, but only if the person who does this sport doesn’t respect the rules. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are and how much attention you pay to this sports, some injuries might happen, some of them quite mild whereas others very serious. There are many practitioners who deal with injuries such as contusion, laceration, and sprain to all joints. Mild injuries don’t necessarily need special treatment. On the other hand, the serious ones such as dislocation, fractures, tendon rupture, and neuropraxia will definitely need medical intervention. Dislocation usually happens on shoulders or fingers.


Those who do martial arts for long periods of time have lots of chances to deal with arthrosis at some point. The repetitiveness of certain movements will contribute to the development of this health problem. Arthrosis is actually caused by the degeneration and in the end total destruction of cartilage between the joints. The bones will start to rub one to another and this can be really painful. Casual training will not give you arthrosis, so you can relax if you practice this sports only for fun. Body deformation is another disadvantage of doing martial arts on a long-term. If the year is struck, which happens in many cases, then a blood clot will develop under the skin. The result will be a swollen ear that will resemble a cauliflower. Again, not all people deal with this type of problem, only those who practice martial arts at a professional level.

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